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DUDEZ WITH ROOTS Special Edition

DUDEZ WITH ROOTS Special Edition

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GURLZ WITH CURLZ, in collaboration with Jonas Soho, from TRIBES PR, wants to create a safer space for black men in this special project called DUDEZ WITH ROOTS. It aims to counteract stereotypes and give black men the opportunity to talk about their experiences and identities themselves. Here too, as with GWC, this project is about giving them a space for exchange and networking. Both are adapted to male experiences in the special edition DUDEZ WITH ROOTS. The aim is to create spaces in Germany for black men and male readers, to build up a network and to make them visible.

Their concerns and thoughts are not only visualized in the installation, but also written down in the form of profiles and interviews in the special edition of the GWC print magazine as "DUDEZ WITH ROOTS". In a two-day exhibition in the premises of TRIBES Berlin and on approx. 140 pages, we would like to ask the men questions about masculinity, racism, emotions, yes, life and their perspective on it.


Format: DIN A4
Pages: 144
Printed in Europe
natural paper
Shipping 3-6 days

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Das Projekt GURLZ WITH CURLZ gibt es seit 2017 und wurde von der Kommunikationsdesignerin Linda Nübling gegründet. Seit 2020 sind wir ein anerkannter, gemeinnütziger Verein für Kunst und Kultur, der Raum und Sichtbarkeit für die Erfahrungen Schwarzer Frauen in Deutschland schafft und sich für die vielschichtige Repräsentation ihrer Lebensrealitäten einsetzt.

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