Foto credit: Maïscha Souaga

3D Animation: Mariam Ibrahim

GWC Magazine

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It is with much love and pride that we present to you GURLZ WITH CURLZ Issue 04. Once again, the magazine creates an aesthetic space for the perspectives and expertise of Black women* in fields such as art, culture, politics, science and lifestyle. In addition to expressive visual content, you will find a variety of interesting articles and exciting interviews by and with inspiring personalities, such as author and mediator for racism criticism Tupoka Ogette, dermatologist Dr. Ephsona Shencoru and journalist Anna Dushime. We feature small and big brands, share travel tips for different African countries and calls for professional networking. Furthermore, you'll find Black perspectives from Austria for the first time with influencer Christl Clear and fashion brand Kids of the Diaspora. Overall, the focus of the carefully curated content is deliberately on the beautiful and valuable things that make up and move Black people, their community and culture.

We hope you enjoy the issue and, as always, we ask you to be considerate and loving with the content!

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Foto credits: Maïscha Souaga
Make-up: Larissa Pauli
Styling: Alexander Huber

This year's cover is graced by the wonderful dancer and ballroom queen Gifty Lartey. In her interview, she talks about the feeling of seeing herself on a cover as a darkskinned Black woman, representing the representation she lacked as a child. Gifty also talks about her relationship with dancing and her passion for it is palpable both in the interview and in the expressive images photographed by Maïscha Souaga for the cover spread. With each issue, we aim to add new perspectives to our content and more comprehensively reflect the diversity of our community. Gifty shares her story and thoughts so openly with us and we are very grateful to her for all that we can and may learn from her.

GWC Magazine

22,00€ incl. VAT, excl. shipping




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