This section is primarily about leaving the digital space and increasingly meeting offline again. Regardless of the fact that we owe our current presence to platforms like instagram, it still is the encounters in real life that empower us the most. That’s why it is always particularly important to us to celebrate magazine releases, create our exhibitions and organise other empowering events.

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For the release of our third issue, we spoke to Fabienne Gretschel in the Berlin based bookstore SHE SAID (in November 2021). We talked not only about the beautiful aspects of our work for GURLZ WITH CURLZ but also about the difficulties and challenges we face. You can find the IGTV live here.

Foto credit: Larteyley von Hippel

Growing Fro
in stuttgart

Can I touch your hair? Where are you from? Do you speak German? These are questions which seem harmless from a white person’s perspective. But BiPoC are exposed to these micro aggressions on a daily basis. Based on this - and many other shared experiences from the black community - GURLZ WITH CURLZ FOUNDER Linda developed the idea of the “growing fro”... More.

The “growing fro” is two-dimensional installation composed of Afro hair structures and portraits of various Black women in order to make their complexity of life & identity visible. With previous exhibitions in Munich and Berlin, Stuttgart is now the third city where black women add their hair textures and personal experiences to the Afro installation. We are more than just ONE Afro. We are individual and divers!

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Foto credit: Manuel Wagner


Our “the growing fro” installation can be seen in Hamburg during the Formation Now*** festival. A big Thank You again to the whole FN team for the incredible cooperation.... More

Would you like the Growing fro to come to your city too? Then send us an email, preferably with a potential exhibition space, a budget and a local contact person. And we can take it from there and discuss.

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in berlin

Berlin 2019 marks the comeback of GURLZ WITH CURLZ since our first exhibition in Munich in 2017. It was here that the journey of the growing fro continued with a new concept. Without this exhibition we would not be where we are today. The day it all really began...


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